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Innova Alien - Nexus Line - White

Innova Alien - Nexus Line - White

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Mid-Range Disc:
The Alien disc is an exceptionally distinct design in the market. Its top resembles a Sonic, while its rim is akin to a mid-range disc. Surprisingly stable, it might even lean towards being overstable. Ideal for spin putts, approach shots, and short-range drives, it defies traditional disc categories, prompting the revival of the "Multi-Purpose" designation due to its versatility. It's highly recommended for a one-disc round and particularly comfortable for players transitioning from other disc sports due to its wider diameter and saucer-style top. Despite feeling akin to playing catch, the Alien excels in handling torque, wind, and power, surpassing any catch disc in performance.

Flight Rating Numbers:
Speed 4
Glide 2
Turn 0
Fade 1

About Nexus Line Plastic:
Nexus is a grippy and durable blend of plastics ideally suited for putts and approaches where exactness of feel is a must. Nexus is a popular choice among touring pros and has greater durability than our DX line.


- Dependable grip for putts and approaches
- Consistent in a variety of conditions
- More durable than DX


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