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Streamline Trace - Cosmic Neutron - Sarah Hokom - Orange Swirl

Streamline Trace - Cosmic Neutron - Sarah Hokom - Orange Swirl

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Distance Driver:

The Trace has a manageable 21mm rim width and straight-stable flight that places it squarely in the Speed 11 Power Straight market. The Trace’s moderate dome is smooth and even, with a shoulder and depth that yields excellent glide. Most players will be able to stand the Trace up on a hyzerflip, but the Trace will soak up plenty of power before being pushed off its straight line. Its ending fade is smooth but dependable for easy ranging.


Flight Rating Numbers:
Speed 11
Glide 5
Turn -1
Fade 2
About Cosmic Neutron:
  • Neutron blend with unique Cosmic colorways
  • Widest selection of bright opaque colors
  • Shares durability characteristics of Proton
  • Hundreds of color possibilities

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